Newington Ct, Bail Bond Agents

ABC Bail Bond has been offering reliable bonding service to Newington, Connecticut, since 2002. We are locally owned and operated.

We have helped countless families in Newington, Connecticut, in their time of need, thus allowing their loved ones to secure their release pending trial.

Each of our bondsmen has the education and experience to help you navigate the complicated Newington bail bonds process. From the initial arrest to release on bail, we have you covered. Don’t let the cost of bail keep you or your loved ones from heading home to prepare for your trial. Contact our office today!

Why Choose Us?

Choosing ABC Bail Bond in Newington, Connecticut, for bail bond service is not a decision to be taken lightly. Here at ABC Bail Bond, we know the safety and security of your loved ones are at stake, and you need peace of mind to function properly and to offer your support to the person who was arrested. With this in mind, we are available 24/7 to be accessible to you, our client. We also have affordable payment plans, and our staff is courteous, fully licensed, and knowledgeable about the Newington court system and Newington correctional center. We offer a wide range of services from transportation, referrals to attorneys we trust and more.

Our Process

We try to make our process of bailing your loved ones out fast and simple.

  • You provided us with the information of the person who was arrested. We then use that information along with the information from the jail and courts system to determine if bail has been set. If they are eligible to make bail and be released, we assign you one of our licensed bail bond agents. 
  • Our professional and knowledgeable bail bond agent will call you and ask you to provide a little more information about yourself. They will thoroughly explain the bail bond service process and work with you to find a solution the meets your financial situation.
  • Once our bail bond agent approves your request, your payment will be securely processed, and the bail bond agent will arrange for your loved one’s release. Our process is that simple! During this time, you remain in constant communication with our bail bond agent, so you know what’s happening at each step of the process.

We Know the Newington Bail Bonds Process Better Than Anyone

Our Goal

  • Make each client feel like they are our only client. And ensure that we are always accessible to our clients when they need us.
  • Provide the best customer service possible.
  • Promote a positive workplace and help the Newington community.