At ABC Bail Bonds, We work with everyone to help provide 24-hour bail bond services for any crime they have been charged with. Some of the frequent types of bail bonds and services we provide assistance with include:

Services We Offer

24 hour Connecticut local Bail Bonds

Surety Bail Bonds

Free warrant checks

Free case look up


Attorney referrals

0% financing available

Affordable payment plans

Free Bail Bond Consultation

Statewide Bail Bond Services

24/7 Notary Available
A.O. Notary 860-799-1988

Bonds We Service

Criminal Bail Bonds

Domestic Violence Bail Bonds

DUI Bail Bonds

Failure to Appear Bail Bonds

Felony Bail Bonds

Financial Bail Bonds

Forgery Bail Bonds

Larceny Bail Bonds

Misdemeanor Bail Bonds

Motor Vehicle Bail Bonds

Violation of Probation Bail Bonds

And More